“No sir….. You accept it. Life’s a wild ride buddy. Not enough time here on earth to stay bitter about anyone’s actions.”

-Jacob S. pontificating at a bar somewhere in Boston at approximately 10am on a Thursday.

I have learned that life is an experience best viewed from a distance and preferably with a good cup of coffee. I say this while sitting in a hammock a 1,000+ miles from home, reflecting on an action taken the other day that would have tied me up in knots for days if the reaction of my action had any perceived concreteness even with the excellent, borderline philosophical, advise above. I will not bore you with the actual event, partly out of my own personal embarrassment for letting something like it trip me up in the past and partly because it serves no broader purpose in this post.

I have started to sense a growing amount of distance and space from the life that I had. What I have now is a surreal focus on the immediate. I have started to see problems and perceived solutions with clarity that my life has lacked up until this point. It is not that I have become smarter or that things have become easier. The noise has been reduced, considerably – the only handicap that I seem to have now is an incessant urge to check Facebook, a need that I hope fades with time.

Friends and bonds formed have been reduced to one of two things; a valuable connection: someone communicated with on a regular basis or on the other hand someone whose friendship was in a sense, a trophy of my popularity. It seems that my communications have a purpose or rather have to have a purpose, as there are very few concrete tangible things one can receive from a phone call or an email.

I have virtually stopped watching television as well. I understand the gist of most programs and can usually follow the plot but it turns out I am not the biggest fan of Dona Barbara or most of the other telenovelas, which blare into your conscience whenever the television is turned on. I have stayed connected to the world with The Financial Times, which is delivered to my Kindle (your welcome for the plug Amazon) and have found that at times, even this can be information overload but how else would I get priceless quotes like “ass to kick” from my President or follow up on the much rushed and sure to be faulty financial reform bill (people should run from or better yet write their representatives about anything named The Dodd-Frank Bill).

Graduate School, a goal I had set to achieve shortly after entering the working world has also been called into serious question.* Replacing it are goals, scary ones at that, of pursuing a life that’s rewards are pure unadulterated enjoyment.

As far as changes here I can’t say that there have been many. Some notable ones are that I will be moving into my own apartment in a week. I found a store that vends beer for the equivalent of $.52 as long as you return the bottles and that work is becoming a little bit easier each day.

*Don’t worry Karen, I still plan on going and I know that you think my life has been about pure unadulterated enjoyment.